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 Made in America Quality


The Ideal Finishing Touch to Your Outdoor Projects...

Paverlight International is committed to providing you with quality lighting at affordable pricing.  It's easy to add beauty, safety and ambience to either your new or existing hardscape projects.  Paver Lights are installed flush with grade, there's nothing sticking up out of the ground for you to trip over, hit with your lawnmover, or have your children knock over while playing in the yard. 

Our products are made of extremely strong plastic - so tough they can withstand the load of light vehicular traffic.

The 12 volt system is safe and economical to operate and does not require a licensed electrician for installation.  The bulbs, while easy for adults to change, are not accessible to children.  The warm color appearance of the incandescent lamp included with each fixture is appealing since it's similar to candlelight or the illumination of a kerosene lamp.

Phone : ( 772 ) 337 - 5470